J. Draper Glass

J. Draper Glass

Memorials & Urns


J Draper Glass Memorials are created to help ease families in their time of grief and to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Our memorials come in a variety of styles.You choose from a variety of a hanging sun catcher, heart, round, flat upright, or egg shaped. The following examples have one to two colors in addition to cremains. Only a tablespoon of cremains are needed per memorial. Refer to the color guide shown below.

*Only items on this page contain cremains.

Jeremie Draper
Jeremie Draper

Upright Memorials

Inscribed Personalized Upright Memorials.

Jeremie Draper
Jeremie Draper


Our memorial urns are a traditional way of honoring you loved ones ashes. Each urn is created using your color and design choice. Our urns are sealed with a lid that is discreet and secure.

Jeremie Draper

Portion Urns

Portion Urns are small sealed vessels that can contain ashes for multiple family members to cherish.

Jeremie Draper Glass

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Color Chart

You may use this as a reference to our colors. Please, note custom colors are welcomed.

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