Micro Mini Creamsicle Pumpkin with Dark Forest Stem

Jeremie has been creating her most bewitching pumpkins yet, especially since she was asked to design a display with her pumpkins for a movie called Baked with Love! The scene in the movie takes place in the mayor’s home at a dinner party. These micro minis are her newest edition to the patch!

Size 3×3

Note: View color guide to see swatch


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All of the glass has been hand-blown or sculpted — no machine helps us make our product but our seasoned hands and our love for the art.

Jeremie Draper

Cheese Platter 

$260 Per person

Blow a huge bubble & spin it into a platter! Our instructors will guide you to roll into color, heat the glass and use a variety of the glass blowers’ tools. Then, using gravity & centripetal force, spin the glass until it opens into a platter (10-12” wide)