Greg received a gift certificate some time back and wanted to share his appreciation for the experience he had with the staff!

I thought I’d drop a short note for you to express my appreciation for the glass experience. Tracy and I are extremely happy.

I know my modest $30 tip didn’t do any justice for Jeremie. Don’t get me wrong, I understand I paid for the service and that is your business but to wait three years to use a gift certificate was excessive even I know that. Honestly I was waiting to hear how that might have affected my offer. The fact is a person of rare integrity and good conscience may have honored this certificate but nowadays it is not expected. So from a professional standpoint I want to tip my hat to Jeremie for showing true character in light of my circumstances. If I can extend my professional consultation or personal gratitude in anyway in the future I’m happy to support her any way possible.
I look forward to our next opportunity using your services and sharing my extreme satisfaction.

May God be with you in your efforts!

Greg Lara
Tom Day Business Machines