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What to Expect

Thank you for your interest in taking a class at our studio. Your experience at J Draper Glass is valuable to us. Here are some tips to prepare you for your lesson in the hot glass studio.
Park in the Peoria City Parking lot just outside our direct entrance. GPS Parking Directions ⟶

The building is all one level and wheelchair accessible. We accommodate to those with disabilities or special needs. Please let us know ahead of time so we can properly prepare for your visit. 

While glass is beautiful, it is not perfect. Your piece will be unique and will not be without flaws. Color, size, shape variations as well as bubbles are all a normal part of the glassmaking process.
All participants must sign the digital waiver one time only.
The day of your class, arrive 15- 30 min early. Allow yourself time to visit the gallery, sign waiver and settle any payment due. Classes are scheduled for 2 hours. The average class holds 8-12 people, project depending.
The glass blowers focus on safety when in class, and each participant gets a one-on-one experience with the instructors. You can expect to be making your project for 15-20 minutes with your instructor.
Ages 6–106 are welcome to take a class with us.
All glass projects require overnight cooling in an annealer (kiln). Pickup times are on the following Saturdays or scheduled with your instructor.
Assume everything is hot. Listen to your instructor for tools to touch and places to stand when you are creating.
Come hydrated and bring a water bottle.

Wear closed-toe shoes. Wear comfortable natural-fiber clothing. Jeans and t-shirts are great. Tie back long hair. Dress for the season. We are in a drafty warehouse.

Sanitized safety glasses, protective materials and all class supplies are providied.
To keep everyone safe, please wash your hands and stay home if you are sick.
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smooch bowl


jumbo globe


sun catcher

fruit bowl

Blown pumpkin

Date Night

Class Calendar

No hands on classes June-september

classes will return in october

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Waiver & Release Form

Waiver and Release

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If participant is under the age of 18, parent or guardian must sign as well.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Jeremie Draper

Cheese Platter

Blow a huge bubble & spin it into a platter! Our instructors will guide you to roll into color, heat the glass and use a variety of the glass blowers’ tools. Then, using gravity & centripetal force, spin the glass until it opens into a platter (10-12” wide)

Jeremie Draper

Smooch Bowl

Learn how to roll into color, blow a big bubble and then using a wooden paddle, flatten the glass to create a double walled bowl. This class shows how glass can change shape very fast. This is increasing becoming a student favorite class! (cereal bowl size)

Jeremie Draper


Blow a long bubble to create your own flower vase! With your choice of colors learn how to melt the glass and use a variety of the glass blowers’ tools. With excellent guidance your instructor will help you to open your vessel to the size for a single flower or a bouquet of flowers. (6-10” tall)


Blow bubbles in this class. This super fun class demonstrates a classic example of the blown side of glass. Learn how to roll into color, heat and with the breath of your air expand the glass. Your instructor will top the finished ornaments with a loop so you can hang on a tree or in a window. Blow 2 ornaments in this class. (baseball size)


This class is like blowing your own ornament, but bigger! Learn how to roll into color, heat and blow a large glass bubble with the breath of your air! Your jumbo globe is finished by topping it off with a sturdy hook. (Grapefruit size)



Sculpt a Paperweight! Learn how to roll into shards of broken pieces of colored glass and heat it all up. Twist and trap air bubbles to create your pattern. Then you will encase your design with more glass from the furnace and using a wooden scoop to refine the shape of the paperweight. (fit in the palm of your hand size) Check the calendar for the current shape offered for this lesson.

Jeremie Draper


Sculpt two hanging Sun Catchers. Learn how to roll into color chips, heat, flatten, and twist the glass. Your instructor will top the finished suncatchers with loops so they can hang in a bright sunny room. This is the most popular class in the spring. Sculpt 2 sun catchers in this class.
Jeremie Draper


Sculpt your own bird! Learn how to roll into color chips, heat, twist and shape the glass. Your bird comes to life after you pull and poke at the glass to refine the details to create your bird. (fit in the palm of your hand size)

Jeremie Draper

fruit bowl

Blow a huge bubble to begin the vessel of a fruit bowl. With your choice of colors learn how to melt the glass and use a variety of the glass blowers’ tools. Using heat, gravity & centripetal force, spin the glass open into a fruit or fluted bowl. (bowling ball size)


Create your own blown pumpkin to treasure, display and talk about for years. Learn how to roll into color, heat, pinch & paddle the glass to create your pumpkin. Watch it grow with the breath of your air! The pumpkin is finished by topping it off with a curly stem.


With guidance from one of our instructors, learn how to roll into color, heat, and pull the glass to create the petals and then a long stem for an everlasting flower.


Learn how to roll into color, heat and shape your glass into a classic Jonathan Red, Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apple. Topped with a stem to look just like the real thing!


The undersigned hereby acknowledges that there are dangers inherent in glassblowing, glass working, and other related activities, and that property damage, serious personal injuries and even death may occur. Glassblowing, glass working and its related activities involve working in close proximity to a furnace, which generates a high level of heat and emits potentially harmful vapors, which are not visible to the participant, and handling molten glass. The risks associated with glassblowing, glass working and its related activities thus include, without limitation, physical effort, cuts, burns, inhalation of hazardous substances, and exposure to high heat.

In exchange for being allowed to participate in glassblowing, glass working, and other related activities, the undersigned hereby assumes full responsibility for the risk of personal injury, death, and property damage resulting from all such activities, including all risk of injury, death or property damage resulting from the negligence or fault of the parties released by this Agreement or due to the condition of the premises upon which the activities will take place. I give permission to have my photograph taken during a class for marketing purposes.

On my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Jeremie Draper, individually and d/b/a JDraperGlass, and Waterstreet Unlimited, LLC, Series 925, an Illinois limited liability company, as well as each of their respective employees, agents, officers, directors, members, managers, partners, contractors, and volunteers (collectively, the “Released Parties”) of and from all claims, demands, actions, rights of action, or other legal rights to claim compensation for any loss, injury or property damage that I may sustain as a result of my participating in glassblowing, glass working, and other related activities, regardless of whether such loss, injury or property damage is caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or any condition of the premises where such activities occur, and regardless of whether such loss, injury or property damage occurs while participating in, going to, or coming from such activity. However, this waiver and release does not apply to willful and wanton conduct by the Released Parties.

This Agreement contains and embodies the entire agreement and understandings between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof.


Terms & Conditions


  • These terms and conditions are valid for any goods or services provided by JDraper Glass LLC to the customer.



  • All Classes, demonstrations and private events require a 50% non-refundable deposit to save the date
  • Payment is expected in full the day of the event.
  • All fees are exclusive of value added taxes which will be added to invoices where appropriate.
  • JDraper Glass LLC reserves the right to increase quoted fees if Customer requests a change to the agreed upon work.


Delivery and Pick Up

  • Customers may pick up their glass creations on assigned days given by instructor.
  • Customers requesting delivery or shipping services will be charged appropriately.



  • In view of the nature of the service, any order – once confirmed by JDraper Glass – may not be cancelled.
  • If an “act of God” renders the studio unavailable, classes, tours and private events will be rescheduled by JDraper Glass.
  • If Customer desires to cancel an event, 50% will be refunded minus any fees that required the original date to happen.



  • All goods or services provided by JDraper Glass LLC are provided on an “as-is” basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied, oral or written;
    including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantable quality, fitness for purpose and description, all of which are specifically and unreservedly excluded.
  • JDraper Glass warrants that all goods and services will be supplied using reasonable care and skill. JDraper Glass does not warrant that the Goods supplied are error-free, accurate or complete.


Class Requirements

  • All students are advised to wear natural fiber clothes;
    cotton is best. Seasonal clothing is acceptable: shorts, jeans, tank tops, T-shirts, long sleeves. We strongly advise
    toed covered shoes and long hair tied back for all seasons. Safety glasses will be provided but if prescription is required student must prepare appropriately.
  • Come to class well hydrated!


Limitation of Liability

  • JDraper Glass LLC shall not be liable for any claim arising out of the performance, non-performance, delay in delivery of or defect in any goods or services, nor for any special, indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage (including loss of profit or loss of revenue), regardless of cause.
  • In no event shall JDraper Glass LLC be liable to any Customer for any damages in excess of the fees paid by the Customer for the goods or services giving rise to the damages.
  • Customer shall fully indemnify JDraper Glass against any liability to third parties arising out of the Customer’s use of the Goods.



a note on our colors

We hope you are enjoying shopping on our website. We strive to provide the best image of what we are offering for you. Please note sometimes the colors in our products may look a little different in natural light. Use this color guide to see the exact colors placed in front of a white background.

All of the glass has been hand-blown or sculpted — no machine helps us make our product but our seasoned hands and our love for the art.