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kept alive in beauty + remembered forever

Our Memorials are created to help families in their time of grief and to celebrate the lives of their loved ones and four-legged friends.

“My interest began in 2016 when a family asked me to create a memorial with the cremains of their beloved labradoodle. Over time, hearing cherished stories from customers about their loved ones, I felt compelled to offer this service. Being able to create beautifully encased glass art using cremains has provided comfort to people in their time of loss. This service is powerful to me.”

Owner, Jeremie Draper

Your memorial will be made during a private time. Two tablespoons of cremains are needed per memorial; however excess cremains will be safely returned. Please, allow one month for completion from the day we receive your cremains.  Purchase includes a certificate of authenticity. Shipping is available.

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The white in the examples are the cremains.