Leslie Renken of the Peoria Journal Star did a great piece on Jeremie’s memorial art that incorporates cremains. A snippet is posted below – please read the full article and check out Leslie’s beautiful photography at the link at the end!

Ashes to art: Peoria glass maker creates memorial ornaments for cremains
By Leslie Renken
Journal Star arts reporter @leslierenken
PEORIA — Magical outcomes are not unusual in the art of glassblowing, but Jeremie Draper was still surprised when the ashes inside her first memorial ornament took on a celestial appearance.

Illuminated by the crystalline glass casing, grey ashes turn white. The swirl Draper expertly forms in each piece conjures thoughts of stars trailing to far away galaxies.

“It’s something about the chemical reaction,” explained Draper at her workshop in the Studios on Sheridan recently. “Something about when the glass touches it. It turns white and forms these microscopic bubbles. It has a really nice turnout — I never would have thought the ashes would turn out white.”

Draper has been creating urns for cremains for a number of years, but incorporating ashes into a glass sculpture is something new. The idea had been percolating for a while. …Read full article at PJStar.com