Did you know we have kids as young as 8 come in and blow glass with us? Well, you do now! We’re always glad to introduce kids to glass blowing – give us a call or drop us a line for more info about what your kids can do in the studio!

In the mean time, here’s a review from a very happy mother!

My husband & I brought our three to your studio last year to make pumpkins. We loved it! You took individual time describing each thing they were doing. The interaction between you and our kids was specialized for each grade level. The kids got to experience this individually. They were involved in the whole process.
I am sorry to say we went to a place in Louisville, Kentucky that was such a disappointment. They did not engage the kids and the only thing they did was blow into the tube twice (flame run).
Your studio is top notch and I tell people about our experience when they mention glass studios. I wish you were closer.
Thanks again for such a personalized experience, your love of art shows in how you treat your guests!!!